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Frightmare Forest Spook Trail 2007 & 2008.

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Frightmare Forest 2007 Photos
Frightmare Forest 2008 Photos
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About Frightmare Forest 2007 & 2008.
Frightmare Forest 2007:
Frightmare Forest Spook Trail was started in 2007 by Wesley "Dagon" Hill and SpiderBaby, his Wife. Dagon talked to the Sandersville Volunteer Fire Department, in Mississippi, to see if they would like to sponsor it and have it on their land and they liked the idea.

In 2007 Dagon was in charge of the trail.

The 2007 year of Frightmare Forest took less than a month from start to finish to get it completely done. The trail was started after the first of October in 2007.

Frightmare Forest 2007 included many costumes and props made by or customized by Dagon. Most were provided by Dagon & SpiderBaby. The flyers were also designed by Dagon featuring original zombie art by him. Dagon mapped the trail and worked hard everyday for almost 20 days that month getting it ready and making sure it was safe. He cut stuff, cleaned, moved limbs, evened the ground, looked for stuff that could trip people or cut them and fixed areas for the scares. The VFD helped with cutting stuff out of the way and some cleaning and the City of Sandersville helped to clean and get the ground even. SpiderBaby did internet advertising and her and Dagon also handed out flyers and did shopping for the trail. The VFD handed out flyers at ball games and at the fair and to various other people/businesses. The VFD also handled the lights, the generators, and the tickets and selling drinks.

During Frightmare Forest 2007, Dagon acted as Leatherface and scared people with a chainsaw. SpideBaby worked the strobe light at Jason Vorhees shack which later became Leatherface's scare section and she worked the lights there also.

People from the VFD and friends and family worked as actors, ticket sellers, guides, and any other job that needed to be done while the trail was going on.

The 2007 Frightmare Forest Spook Trail went on for 6 nights and had over 700 people come out to get scared. Which was really good for a first year and the South Mississippi Fair was down for a few of the nights, in nearby Laurel, and that is a very big deal around here. Also, there were football games going on 1 or 2 nights of the trail. So the first year was very successful! -----------------

Frightmare Forest 2008:
One of the VFD men was in charge of the trail this year. Since this was the second year they started working on it in July of 2008.

Dagon and SpiderBaby from & did the faux painting on the vampire crypt and turned it from a vampire tunnel to a crypt. Dagon also did some building, he fixed up the witch house some, put up a wood wall, and built the old west style entrance. He also painted on the gravemarkers and the cemetery sign and helped a little with some of the other decorating and gave ideas for stuff. All together he spent over 12 hours in one week, the week before it started, working over at Frightmare Forest, decorating and building.
Dagon and SpiderBaby also acted in Frightmare Forest, Saturday 10/25/2008 & Wednesday 10/29/2008 as a chainsaw maniac and Bone Mama, an original Zombie/Voodoo Queen character created by SpiderBaby and Dagon.
Dagon and SpiderBaby had Zombie Drive on Halloween at their house and didn't have time to work on Frightmare Forest anymore than that.
They did not provide costumes/props/decorations/masks for Frightmare Forest in 2008, except for their scare section the 2 nights they were at Frightmare Forest, because they were already working on Zombie Drive when they were asked to work on Frightmare Forest, two weeks before Frightmare Forest started.

Everything else for and at the trail in 2008 was done by the VFD and their friends and families and volunteers.

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